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Personal status lawyer

A personal status lawyer serves as a critical guide, advocate, and counsellor for individuals navigating the intricacies of person and family law.

Whether you are seeking to get married, divorced, adopt a child, their custody, or address any other legal matter related to your personal life. Personal status lawyers can provide the guidance and support you need to navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome.

In this article, we will delve into the role of family lawyers in saudi arabia, from the best list of saudi law firms. And why it’s essential to have one by your side when dealing with personal legal matters.

Services for Personal status lawyer in SaudiBest Personal status lawyer in saudi arabia.

Personal status matters constitute a cornerstone of society, rendering them among the paramount legal issues necessitating meticulous attention and scrupulous care in their handling. Given their pervasive effects on individuals, the presence of a proficient family lawyer riyadh is indispensable in the realm of family law.

A competent personal status attorney can facilitate the settlement of disputes between family members, employ alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve conflicts amicably, and safeguard the rights of the disputants when resorting to the personal status system in compliance with the law.

By leveraging their expert knowledge and tailored guidance, individuals can effectively navigate the intricate web of personal status laws and procure favourable outcomes in their unique circumstances.

Here are the cases that a personal status lawyers can handle:

  •  Khul’, judicial separation, and divorce lawyer Saudi Arabia.
  • Child custody.
  • Issues related to dowry.
  • Annulment of engagement.
  • Guardianship and custody.
  • Inheritance and estate settlement.
  • Nullification of marriage contract.
  • Maintenance for the wife and children.
  • Equitable distribution of wealth between wives.
  • Proof of paternity and disavowal of paternity.

If you are facing a personal status issue that requires the services of a personal status attorney, it is crucial to be aware Who is the Best Personal status lawyer in Saudi Arabia??

With an impressive track record of winning cases, Mohammed Abboud Al-Dossary is the best family lawyer in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to his exceptional skills, he can handle personal law obstacles efficiently and quickly.

Al-Dossary’s team of best lawyers in Saudi Arabia specializes in personal status cases, providing clients with top-notch legal consultancy services. If you’re facing a personal status issue, Al-Dossary is the name to trust for expert guidance and successful outcomes.

personal status law Saudi.

The Personal Status Law governs family relationships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, covering matters such as engagement, marriage, dowry, spousal rights and separation, financial support, child custody, lineage, wills, inheritance, guardianship, and custody.

The newly enacted Personal Status Law in Saudi Arabia emphasizes several significant social issues and revolves around the aforementioned provisions.

  • It brings significant advancements for women and society, including the obligation for husbands to provide financial support to their wives, even if they are financially independent.
  • It stipulates that the state is responsible for providing financial support to children of unknown parentage unless someone voluntarily provides it.
  • This support includes basic necessities such as food, housing, clothing, and other needs as determined by regulations, whether for the child or the wife.
  • The law stresses the necessity of recording personal status-related information during specific appointments, such as divorce, reconciliation, and providing fair compensation to the wife in cases where events are not documented.
  • It has also established the minimum age for marriage at 18 years old, which is a significant change from the past when marriage at an early age below 18 was commonplace.
  • Under the new system, women have the complete right to terminate the marriage contract unilaterally in various situations and can document the divorce even without the husband’s consent.
  • The law emphasizes the importance of considering the preservation of the family entity when calculating the number of divorces.
  • The system safeguards the rights of children in cases of divorce and separation between spouses.
  • It links the right to custody to the best interest of the child, prioritizing what is most beneficial for the children themselves.

Personal status advice in riyadh.

To start addressing any family-related matter, it is crucial to seek counsel from a specialized family saudi lawyers Riyadh who can provide insight on the likelihood of success and the necessary procedures.

The best way to do so is by contacting the top personal status lawyer in Riyadh. For this purpose, you should know:

What is the contact number of the Best Personal status lawyer in Saudi Arabia

The contact number for the best personal status lawyer in Saudi Arabia at Al-Dossary law firm is call:00966566600220 or call:00966545040509.

With many years of experience handling personal status cases, Al-Dossary law firm has established a reputation as a leader in the field.

Our team of the best lawyers in riyadh has successfully resolved a wide range of cases, from complex divorce proceedings to inheritance disputes and child custody battles.

A personal status attorney from AL-Dossary law firm based in Riyadh, offers legal counsel on various matters, including:

  1. Marriage-related issues, procedures, and conditions that are applicable in Saudi Arabia.
  2. divorce lawyer Saudi Arabia, the requirements for filing, and the grounds that give one party the right to initiate it.
  3. Advice on the legal options available to wives in cases where husbands withhold divorce or refuse to pay dowry.
  4. Providing guidance on the calculation of expenses for either the wife or the children in accordance with applicable laws.
  5. Clarifying the criteria for determining child custody and the factors that can lead to custody being transferred from the custodial party.
  6. Outlining the appropriate legal measures for victims of domestic violence.
  7. Answering inquiries regarding inheritance, its division, and the necessary steps for establishing one’s rights in it.

Personal status legal consultations in jeddah.

Consultation and guidance from best lawyers in riyadh and legal advisor in saudi arabia who are well-versed in personal status law can be highly effective in addressing legal disputes related to personal status.

The specialized advisors at Al-Dossary jeddah law firm are available to address your various legal questions and concerns throughout the week. They are committed to providing you with accurate and professional legal advice.

You can request their services by either calling the phone number provided or contacting them through Whats App. They offer comprehensive answers to all your inquiries, some of which are:

  • Divorce-related consultations, including how to handle disputes amicably and prove divorce in court.
  • Providing Information related to the required conditions and procedures for adoption in Saudi Arabia.
  • Providing guidance related to establishing paternity and analysing lineage in Saudi Arabia.
  • Consultations process of filing a lawsuit, documenting divorce in court, and obtaining a divorce certificate.
  •  Marriage requirements for non-Saudi citizens and for marriage-related issues.
  • Determining the amount of alimony and how to obtain it, and whether a lawsuit for alimony can be filed without divorce, and how the alimony is estimated
  • The rights to custody after divorce and the conditions that must be followed during custody.
  • The provisions of visitation and travel with the custodian according to the Personal Status Law.
  • Cases where custody is forfeited, how to object to and claim custody.
  • Inheritance division procedures by agreement or court ruling, and the types of inheritance division in Saudi courts.

Services for Personal status lawyer in Saudi.

The contact number for the best personal status lawyer in Saudi Arabia at Al-Dossary law firm is call:00966566600220 or call:00966545040509.

A lawyer in Jeddah Saudi Arabia who specializes in personal status cases offers a wide range of services related to family matters and the resulting disputes. Some of the most significant services include:

  • Representing and handling all other cases and lawsuits related to personal status issues.
  • Drafting and formalizing marriage or divorce contracts.
  • Issuing powers of attorney in all its forms or revoking them.
  • Drafting the statement of claim in all personal status cases.
  • Drafting the objection and appeal memorandum.
  • Undertaking all necessary legal procedures in any family case.
  • Writing legal memoranda and warnings in cases of delayed payment of alimony or refusal to pay.
  • Doing all the concluding services that are carried out by one of the parties without filing a lawsuit and litigating before the Personal Status Court such as:
  • Proving marriage or divorce.
  • Proving the heirs’ exclusivity and dividing the inheritance with the condition of mutual agreement among the heirs.
  • Representing the client in all legal procedures related to personal status issues before the Personal Status Court.
  • Resolving disputes arising from inheritance.
  • Documenting and formalizing inheritance, and obtaining official certificates.
  • Drafting letters and preparing accurate responses and defense requests on behalf of the client.
  • Presenting the prepared documents to the court.
  • Handling the procedures for filing a lawsuit for annulment of marriage contract, divorce, and khula.
  • Following up on cases related to women’s rights, whether it concerns the wife’s rights after divorce or her rights to inheritance.


In conclusion of our topic.

Best personal status lawyer and legal consultant in KSA 1445.

A personal status lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals’ personal and family matters are handled efficiently and effectively.

By working closely with a personal status attorney, individuals can ensure that their rights are protected and their interests are represented in all legal matters related to their personal and family life.

So, if you find yourself in need of legal assistance for matters related to personal status, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified and experienced personal status lawyer to help you navigate through the legal system and safeguard your rights and interests.


المحامي والمستشار القانوني حسن (HASANLawyer)

Legal Counsellor Hassan holds a law degree with honors. He is a lawyer and legal advisor to many companies and institutions. It provides all legal services and consultations, whether to companies, institutions or individuals, with great legal experience in analyzing legal problems, and interpreting laws, provisions and regulations; Preparing legal documents such as petitions, wills, deeds, lawsuits and drafting contracts; Preparing briefs and legal opinions, and supervising legal assistants. His expertise includes various fields and legal cases. Such as: • Criminal cases. Commercial civil cases. Administrative issues. • Labor issues. • Real estate issues. Personal status issues. • Writing legal memorandums of drafting the lawsuit statement in a correct legal manner. • Arbitration and treatment of disputes that occur between companies and individuals.

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