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marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers

marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers is one of the most effective and streamlined methods to navigate the complexities of the process.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, shedding light on the process and conditions of getting married in Saudi Arabia for both Saudi citizens and foreigners.

From understanding the documentation requirements to the role of personal status lawyer and legal advisor in saudi arabia in facilitating the marriage contract, this article aims to provide valuable insights into the seamless and efficient legal pathway to matrimony in the Kingdom.

requirements for marriage in Saudi arabiamarriage in saudi arabia through lawyers.

Marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers is one of the available and authorized legal options, authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Justice, that can be solemnized for both Saudi citizens and foreigners.

The process of marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers involves engaging the services of the best family lawyers in saudi arabia who specialize in family law to facilitate and oversee the marriage proceedings.

This method is particularly suitable in certain cases, such as individuals facing time constraints or geographical difficulties that prevent them from attending conventional courts or marriage offices.

One important aspect of marriage through the best lawyers in riyadh is ensuring the legitimacy and legal validity of the marriage contract. The lawyer acts as an accredited legal intermediary, ensuring that the procedures are carried out in accordance with Saudi regulations and legislation. Upon completion of the necessary procedures, the contract is documented and registered in the official marriage records, confirming its validity and granting it legal force.

In addition to marriages within Saudi Arabia, Saudi lawyers Riyadh also play a significant role in facilitating foreign marriages involving Saudi citizens. They assist in navigating the legal requirements and procedures of the respective foreign country, ensuring compliance with both Saudi and foreign laws.

This includes verifying the eligibility of the parties, preparing the necessary documentation, and facilitating the authentication and translation of documents as required.

Marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers, like the best family lawyer, can provide a range of benefits for couples seeking to get married, such as:

  • Providing legal consultation.
  • Assisting with documents preparation and authentication.
  • Court representation.
  • Mediation and dispute resolution services.
  • Assistance with cross-border marriages.
  • Ensuring compliance with Sharia law, the foundation of the Saudi legal system.

Marriage in Saudi Arabia for foreigners.

First, you must meet the mentioned requirements above, whether you are a Saudi citizen or a foreigner. To get married in Saudi Arabia, there are several convenient ways that can be followed. marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers is one of the most effective ways.

In Saudi Arabia, it is important to note that only Muslim individuals are legally permitted to enter into a valid marriage. The Saudi courts do not acknowledge marriages between individuals of different religions, as they are guided by Islamic law.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner looking to get married, the choice of marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers would be an ideal option for you, as there are certain conditions that you need to follow:

  • The groom must provide a written declaration stating that he’s not married.
  • In the case of a second marriage, he must provide evidence of the existing marriage.
  • Women are required to obtain written permission from their current sponsor.
  • The consent of both the bride and groom is required regarding the terms of the marriage.
  • Agreement on religious practices is necessary.
  • The marriage ceremony will be conducted and the marriage license issued in the Saudi personal status courts.
  • If the husband is of Saudi nationality and the woman is a foreigner, the man must first apply to the Emirate where he resides to obtain approval for the marriage contract.
  • In the opposite case, a woman must acknowledge that she is a virgin or has not been married after her divorce or the death of her husband.

After ensuring that the aforementioned conditions are met, specific documents must be obtained:

  1. Certificate of no objection to marriage from the embassy of the foreign country.
  2. valid passports and residency permit for all parties.
  3. Four recent passport-sized photographs for each person.
  4. Divorce certificate if applicable.
  5. Witnesses for the marriage.
  6. Pre-marital medical examination certificate for both spouses.
  7. A fee of 300 Saudi Riyals must be paid.
  8. Both the husband, the wife, and the wife’s guardian must be present for the marriage ceremony in the afternoon
  9.  Finally, the consulate will schedule the marriage date.

New marriage law in Saudi Arabia.

Early in 2022, the Saudi Arabian government authorized amendments to the Personal Status Law that brought about a number of significant changes, including:

  • It stipulates that the marriage contract must include evidence demonstrating the woman’s consent to the marriage.
  • Marriage is formed through mutual consent, both in terms of acceptance and agreement.
  • Prohibition of marriage for individuals under the age of 18, unless approved by the court.
  • Mandatory documentation of the marriage contract by both parties.
  • Transfer of marriage jurisdiction to the court in the absence of a guardian or the disability of the woman.
  • Preservation of the woman’s right to alimony, even if she is financially stable.
  • Recognition of the woman’s right to dissolve the marriage contract under certain circumstances.
  • Husband must provide fair compensation to the wife if he fails to document the personal status proceedings in certain cases.

Article 17 prohibits the guardian, even if he is the father, to marry his daughter without her consent.

As per Article 29, the marriage contract is deemed void if any clause that conflicts with its continuation is included in it, or if it was made in exchange for another marriage contract.

Capability is described in Article 14:

  1. The marriage contract’s validity depends on the man’s ability, not on its legality.
  2. The man’s social standing and religious piety at the time of the transaction define his competency.
  3. In the event of incapacity, any relative up to the third degree with a vested interest has the right to object to the marriage contract; the court will decide the issue.

requirements for marriage in Saudi arabia.

First, let’s discover:  What are the requirements for marriage in Riyadh??.

  1. Woman’s consent and the original identification documents of the engaged couple, as well as their presence along with the woman’s legal guardian.
  2. Presenting the divorce decree, agency document, or inheritance document is required when applicable.
  3. Attendance of two knowledgeable witnesses who are familiar with the bride should be present, along with her legal guardian.
  4. Presenting medical examination certificate.
  5. In case of foreigners, additional documents must be presented.

To protect the rights of Saudi women, certain requirements have been set for their marriage to foreign men in Saudi Arabia. These conditions include:

  1. The foreign man must be at least 30 years old.
  2. His residency permit and passport must be valid.
  3. The age difference should not exceed 15 years.
  4. Birth certificates and photos of both parties are required.
  5. The man should not have been previously married to a Saudi woman.
  6. Proof of the man’s employment and monthly income is necessary.
  7. Saudi witnesses must approve the marriage contract.
  8. If the man is currently married to another foreign woman, relevant documents should be provided.
  9. Medical examinations certificate.

As for the requirements for the marriage of Saudi man to foreign woman:

  1. The groom must be between 30 and 70 years old, while the minimum age for the foreign woman is 18 years.
  2. She should have a clean criminal record, and must have at least a high school diploma.
  3. If a Saudi citizen wants to remarry a foreign woman, he must prove that the first wife cannot fulfill her marital duties.
  4. The marriage must follow Islamic traditions.
  5. She must present a medical certificate.
  6. Both individuals must obtain an official permit for the marriage.
  7. She must visit the Saudi embassy in her country of residence after obtaining approval.

marriage contract in Saudi Arabia.

The conditions and essential components of a marriage contract in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  1. A man and a woman are the couple.
  2. Offer and acceptance (consent) from both parties.

For the validity of the marriage contract, the following requirements must be met; otherwise, it is considered void or invalid:

  • Recognition of the spouses.
  • Getting approval from both spouses.
  • Approval from the guardian (wali) of the bride.
  • Providing the testimony of two witnesses.
  • The woman must not be prohibited (haram) for the man permanently or temporarily.

How to get married in Saudi Arabia??

First, you must meet the mentioned requirements above, whether you are a Saudi citizen or a foreigner. To get married in Saudi Arabia, there are several convenient ways that can be followed. marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers is one of the most effective ways.

Additionally, you can submit an online marriage application through the portal of the Saudi Ministry of Justice.

Registration of Marriage Contract.

You can electronically authenticate a marriage contract through the Najiz portal by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Najiz Individuals using your National Access Account.
  2. Select all electronic services.
  3. Choose the (Social Status) package.
  4. Access the (Marriage Contract Authentication) service for Saudi citizens.
  5. Access the (Authentication of Marriage Contract for Non-Saudi Spouse) service if one or both parties are non-Saudi.
  6. Click on the (Use Service) icon.
  7. Select the relevant authentication authority.
  8. Enter the required information, including applicant’s details, spouse’s details, guardian’s details (or their representatives), witness details, marriage details, medical examination details, and the location of the event.
  9. Attach all the required documents.
  10. Click on the (Submit Application) icon.
  11. The beneficiary will receive a text message notifying them of the application number and submission date.

In conclusion of our article.

Details of marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers 2023.

Opting for the path of marriage in saudi arabia through lawyers offers a structured and reliable approach. By engaging the services of the best lawyers in saudi arabia, couples can navigate the intricate legal landscape with confidence and adherence to the established procedures.

With the support of the best list of saudi law firms, couples can celebrate the sacred bond of matrimony, knowing that their union is legally sound and protected.


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