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saudi lawyers riyadh

As a resident of Riyadh, it is vital to have knowledge of the best Saudi lawyers Riyadh when seeking legal assistance. Without the counsel of a legal professional, you may suffer significant financial losses that exceed the cost of hiring a lawyer.

This article will provide you with comprehensive information about the top Saudi lawyers and international law firms operating in Riyadh. Also, we will present a comprehensive guide on how to search for a lawyer in Riyadh and request online legal consultations. Moreover, we will address pertinent frequently asked questions.

saudi lawyers riyadh.

Since Riyadh is the capital, finding Saudi lawyers Riyadh is essential to tackle all legal challenges.  Saudi lawyers Riyadh are legal professionals who provide legal services to individuals, businesses, and organizations in Riyadh city. They specialize in various areas of law, including corporate law, commercial law, labor law, criminal law, and family law, among others.

These lawyers are well-versed in Saudi Arabian laws, regulations, and legal procedures, and they assist their clients in navigating the complexities of the legal system. With their extensive knowledge and experience, Saudi lawyers Riyadh provide effective legal representation, counsel, and advocacy to their clients, helping them achieve their legal goals and protect their interests.

The Saudi lawyers Riyadh offer a wide range of legal services to their clients, including:

  • providing legal support for preparing memoranda, writing objections, filing appeals, and petitions at the Supreme Court.
  • Drafting documents and contracts using the best legal practices to protect clients’ rights and interests, without any loopholes or defects.
  • Providing legal advice and Shari’a consultations to clients for clear vision of legal course of action.
  • Offering arbitration services to settle disputes.
  • Dealing with various commercial papers and resolving their disputes.
  • Collecting any outstanding debts in an appropriate legal manner.
  • The Saudi lawyers Riyadh also offer legal guidance for company establishment, articles of incorporation drafting, bankruptcy filings, and other related issues.

Best Lawyers in Riyadh.

The large number of law firms and lawyers in Riyadh can make finding the best legal representation challenging. However, the Ministry of Justice provides a directory of accredited lawyers in Riyadh, which simplifies the search process, as shown in a video.

Obtaining a list of Saudi lawyers Riyadh is not enough to find the best one due to the complexity of the task, given the varying skills and experiences among lawyers. To simplify this process, we will Provide you with a list, but only after answering the most frequently asked question: Who is Best Lawyers in Riyadh?

Mohammed Al-Dossry is the best lawyer in Riyadh, renowned for providing professional legal services to individuals and legal entities alike. He has achieved a long list of successes in the various legal cases he has handled, thanks to his experience gained from years of working in the legal field and handling diverse cases. His extensive understanding of the legal systems and Shari’a provisions Saudi Arabia is a testament to his expertise.

Here are some other exceptional Saudi lawyers Riyadh that we have gathered for your consideration, to complete our list of the best legal professionals for consultations and representation, among them are:

  • The lawyer at Mohammed Aboud Al-Dossary Law Firm, who he has an extensive experience in negotiating and reconciling conflicting parties, finding legal solutions that satisfy all parties involved.
  • Hussein Hassan Al-Daudi is an expert lawyer in Riyadh who provides various legal services.
  • The lawyer at Mohammed Aboud Al-Dossary Law Firm and Legal Consultations is one of best lawyer in Riyadh who provides various legal advices.

No matter the nature and complexity of your case, when searching for the best Saudi lawyers Riyadh, ensure you receive the finest legal services possible by referring to our comprehensive guide. These legal experts are highly esteemed for their unparalleled proficiency and steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional legal services to their clients.

International law firms in Riyadh.

International law firms in Saudi Arabia are specialized legal practitioners who deal with international legal matters. With their extensive experience and broad knowledge of international law, they are able to handle international legal cases with ease and efficiency, helping to resolve legal disputes in a smooth and accurate manner. They also have the ability to represent individuals and companies in international events, providing them with excellent and effective legal services.

International law firms in Riyadh are legal service providers that offer their expertise to clients on an international level. These law firms have a presence in multiple countries and jurisdictions, and they provide legal counsel and representation to clients in various industries.

The services provided by international law firms in Riyadh may include:

  • Advising on cross-border transactions and representing clients in international arbitration and litigation.
  • Providing guidance on regulatory compliance, and assisting with international commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Handling various types of cases and advocating before civil, criminal, and penal courts.
  • Providing accurate legal consultations and advice.
  • Attempting to reconcile between the client and the opposing party, if possible.
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements of various types.

Just as there are different types of lawyers in general, with various specializations, there are also different branches within international law, each with its own set of tasks that lawyers in this field undertake. These branches are as follows:

  •  A lawyer who represents his/her country in international disputes before the courts.
  •  A lawyer who represents companies or states in investment disputes.
  • A lawyer who acts on behalf of companies with global business interests and operations subject to multiple legal systems.

Saudi lawyer online.

If you are facing an urgent legal issue or problem and require prompt legal assistance, but are unable to allocate additional time to search for and personally meet with lawyers in the Kingdom, there is no need to be concerned.

You can communicate throughout internet services with the legal team around the clock. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, the online lawyer offers their services in various fields. The online legal consultations provided by the lawyer encompass a wide range of legal matters including:

  1. Criminal and personal status law.
  2. Labor law and corporations’ issues.
  3. Family and Shari’a cases.
  4. Drug-related cases.
  5. Cyber extortion and fraud.
  6. Intellectual property law, including trademarks, and copyrights.
  7. Contract law including review, and disputes.

An online legal consultant is a lawyer who provides legal advice and services over the internet. This type of lawyer is often used by individuals who need legal advice but do not want to go to a law office. Online legal consultants can provide a variety of services, such as drafting documents, researching issues, and providing advice on legal matters.

Their main goal is to understand your business and legal needs, and provide professional advice and optimal solutions at reasonable fees. The online lawyer in Riyadh has made legal consultations more convenient and advantageous for both individuals and businesses in Saudi Arabia.

At Al-Dossary Law Firm, we are fully prepared to respond to your legal inquiries promptly and professionally. All you need to do is contact us through the phone numbers mentioned earlier or via our website.

Saudi Arabia lawyer search.

With lawyer being a necessity when ensuring to have legal situations, you may now be wondering how to search and find good Saudi lawyers Riyadh.

Typically, when searching for a Saudi lawyer online through blogs or by asking family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances over the phone, one engages in a common practice. The purpose of this search is to identify a lawyer who can provide assistance.

In Saudi Arabia the Ministry of Justice has launched the ability to search for accredited Saudi lawyers Riyadh through the Najiz electronic portal, according to the following steps:

  1. Go to the Najiz website and select e-services.
  2. Select the service to inquire about practicing lawyers.
  3. A window will appear asking you to specify the search options by city or name.
  4. After selecting the search type, click on search.

To save your time and effort, it is recommended to contact an online lawyer firm for Legal Consultations and Advocacy, who is certified by the Ministry of Justice. To achieve this specific goal, we will provide you with the following information:

For calling the best lawyers Riyadh dial: 00966545040509, Al-Dossary lawyer in Riyadh who is known for successfully resolving complex and difficult legal cases. He is reputed for providing innovative legal solutions that effectively address the most complicated disputes.

Thus, when searching for best lawyers Riyadh make sure to contact with our law firm’s employs who are highly skilled and experienced lawyers, specialize in various legal fields and are located in your area within Riyadh city.

As we come to the end of our enlightening journey through the realm of renowned

saudi lawyers Riyadh and International law firms Riyadh 2023.

we fervently hope to have expanded your legal horizons. Our ultimate aspiration is that our article has not only piqued your curiosity but also served as a catalyst for discovering the legal insights you have been searching for, with utmost ease and pleasure.


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Legal Counsellor Hassan holds a law degree with honors. He is a lawyer and legal advisor to many companies and institutions. It provides all legal services and consultations, whether to companies, institutions or individuals, with great legal experience in analyzing legal problems, and interpreting laws, provisions and regulations; Preparing legal documents such as petitions, wills, deeds, lawsuits and drafting contracts; Preparing briefs and legal opinions, and supervising legal assistants. His expertise includes various fields and legal cases. Such as: • Criminal cases. Commercial civil cases. Administrative issues. • Labor issues. • Real estate issues. Personal status issues. • Writing legal memorandums of drafting the lawsuit statement in a correct legal manner. • Arbitration and treatment of disputes that occur between companies and individuals.

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