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Riyadh Branch
Mohammed Al-Dossary

Advocates and Legal Consultants

مكتب جدة
Jeddah main branch
Mohammed Al-Dossary

Advocates and Legal Consultants

مكتب الخبر
Mohammed Al-Dossary

Advocates and Legal Consultants

Our Clients


Representing different clients, whether they are individuals, institutions, or companies.

Providing company incorporation and restructuring services as well as bankruptcy cases.

Advocacy on behalf of clients in Saudi courts in various types of cases.

Handling personal status cases such as divorce, inheritance, marriage, and child custody.

Providing appropriate legal consultations and advice for each case.

Handling labor issues.

Handling administrative corruption cases.

Handling commercial and real estate cases.

our goals

Providing our clients various legal services according to their needs, based on our mission and the values through which we operate in our company.
Striving for our legal services to be of a high tier of excellence, using innovative methods, and finding an outlet for every problem we need to solve, regardless of the case and legal type to which it belongs.
The client’s confidence that his case datum is safe, as we are keen on the confidentiality of information related to clients and preserve them from any exposure or disclosure to protect their secrets and personal interests.
Our total commitment to the ethics and principles of the legal profession, regardless of the circumstances of our work, the people we face, and the issues we handle

Our Team

Mohammed Aboud Al Dossary Advocates and Legal Consultants has more than 20 lawyers and legal advisors.

Experts in 15 qualitative legal specializations, managed by lawyer Mohammed Al-Dossary, work to provide legal services to clients and constantly strive to gain their trust.


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