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how to become a lawyer in saudi arabia

Regardless of gender or nationality every citizen or resident has the right to obtain information on how to become a lawyer in saudi arabia.

This article helps you identify the legal conditions and requirements by discussing this topic and providing answers to key questions. Whether you are just starting on your path or planning to switch careers, you can learn about the necessary steps on how to become a lawyer in saudi arabia by continue reading.

How to become a lawyer in Saudi Arabia.

To begin with, the legal profession of advocacy involves representing individuals before the courts, and grievance board, as well as providing legal advice. It is a profession that relies on expertise in law and its applications.

For identifying how to become a lawyer in the saudi arabia under its legal system, the individual must meet a set of legal requirements stipulated by Article 3 of Royal Decree No. (M/38) for the year 1422, pursuant to Cabinet Resolution No 199 for the year 2022. The article specifies that “those whose names are listed in this register must meet the following conditions”:

  1. Individuals must hold a bachelor’s degree in Islamic law or systems from a university in the Kingdom or an equivalent qualification. Alternatively, a diploma in law from the Institute of Public Administration is acceptable, provided that the accredited study period is at least two years after obtaining a university degree.
  2. Having at least three years of work experience after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. The required period may be reduced in the following cases:
    • It can be reduced to one year for those with a Master’s degree in Shari’a or Systems or a Diploma in Systems Studies from the Faculty of Shari’a. PhD holders in the relevant field are exempt. Sure, here’s a shorter version:
    • A diploma in law from the Institute of Public Administration takes 6 months if the study period is 3 years.
    • Each year of training in accredited programs is equivalent to one year of required experience.
  1. To learn how to become a lawyer in saudi arabia, one should be aware that Saudi nationality is a requirement. However, individuals who are not Saudi nationals may be permitted to practice law in the country according to agreements between Saudi Arabia and their respective countries.
  2. To have a good reputation and behavior and not be restricted in any way.
  3. Not to have been convicted of a crime that violates honor or trust.
  4. To be a resident in the Kingdom.

Identifying formal requirements and steps involved in pursuing a career as a lawyer in Saudi Arabia will require the answer of the following question: How can I become a lawyer in Saudi Arabia?

To become a lawyer in Saudi Arabia, individuals must hold a law degree from an accredited institution (as mentioned above), pass the relevant exams. Also, they must complete a training period, and meet specific legal requirements. For non-Saudi nationals, additional requirements may apply, such as obtaining a work visa and a residency permit. Once these requirements are met, individuals may apply for a license to practice law in Saudi Arabia.

Conditions for obtaining an attorney’s license.

After recognizing how to become a lawyer saudi arabia and meeting the requirements for practicing law in Saudi Arabia, the lawyer must submit an application for registration with the specialized committee for registering lawyers and approving them, using a specific form. This committee will study the application and register the lawyer on the same day the application is submitted, in a special register, provided that all requirements are met.

The following documents and papers must be attached to the application:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s identification card, with the original highlighted.
  2. A certified copy of the required qualification or the original for verification, and an equivalent certificate in case the qualification was obtained from outside the Kingdom.
  3. Four recent colored personal photos sized (4 x 6) with a white background.
  4. If exempted from service, four photos of the exemption should be provided for previous employees, along with the original document and employment details.
  5. Five photos of experience documents should be presented, along with their original copies.
  6. For private sector employees, six printouts from the General Organization for Social Insurance should be provided.

Requirements for obtaining an attorney’s license:

  • The profession of law requires obtaining a license to practice law from the Ministry of Justice.
  • It is prohibited for anyone who applies for a license to practice law to work in another job, and both males and females are equal in the procedures required to obtain a license to practice law.
  • One of the requirements for the legal profession is to obtain experience by training at a law firm for a period of three years. However, the following are exempt from the three-year requirement:
  1. Working in the public prosecutor’s office or the public prosecution after obtaining a decision to terminate service, as well as a statement of employment service.
  2. Working in the judiciary inside or outside the Kingdom, or working in issuing legal opinions and providing legal advice to government agencies. The regulations do not require the three-year experience to be continuous, but it must be full-time.

How much is the attorney license fee.

The Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia announced the cost of obtaining a lawyer’s license in Saudi Arabia and the amount to be paid is (1000) SAR.

A lawyer’s license is issued after the lawyer’s name is registered in the list of lawyers who are authorized to practice law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by a decision from the Minister of Justice. Then, the required fee is paid, and the license is valid for a period of five years, renewable upon expiry. When renewing the license, a renewal fee of (1000) Saudi riyals is also paid.

The Ministry of Justice notifies the Grievance Court, the courts, and the aforementioned committees of the names of the lawyers who have been registered in the list of practicing lawyers, from the time of issuance of the license.

You can access the names of accredited lawyers through the Najiz portal, as shown in the video.

Code of law Practice Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian legal law system does not prohibit non-Saudis from working in the legal profession, but it does impose certain conditions.

the Saudi Arabian legal system for law practice consists of five chapters and (55) articles divided as follows:

  • The first chapter, which consists of (10) articles, outlines the definition of the legal profession and the prerequisites for practicing it.
  • The second chapter, consisting of (18) articles, covers the responsibilities and entitlements of lawyers.
  • The third chapter which consists of (9) articles focus on the disciplinary measures that can be taken against lawyers who violate their professional code of conduct. One of these is article (29) which states the following:
    • Firstly: The lawyer’s name will be struck off the roll and their license will be cancelled if they are convicted of a crime that undermines honor or trustworthiness.
    • Secondly: Without prejudice to any compensation claim or other legal action, any lawyer who violates the provisions of this regulation or its implementing regulations, or who breaches their professional duties or commits an act that harms the honor of the profession, shall be subject to one of the following penalties:
      1. Warning.
      2. Reprimand.
      3. Suspension from practicing the profession for a period not exceeding three years.
      4. Removal of their name from the roll and cancellation of their license.
  • The fourth chapter includes general and transitional provisions related to the regulation of the legal profession in the Kingdom, consisting of (6) articles.
  • The fifth chapter deals specifically with the rules governing the practice of law outside the Kingdom, consisting of (12) articles.

Legal terms in Saudi Arabia for women.

For women seeking information on how to become a lawyer in saudi arabia, the legal provisions of the Saudi Arabian legal system for lawyers do not differentiate between male and female lawyers. This is in regard to all its legal provisions, including the required conditions, duties, and obligations of the lawyer. Therefore, the same requirements discussed earlier also apply to female lawyers.

And this inquiry leads us to ask the following: can someone who is not Saudi practice law in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabian legal law system does not prohibit non-Saudis from working in the legal profession, but it does impose certain conditions. Some of these conditions include:

  1. The lawyer must hold a license from the Bar Association in his country and submit it to the employer in Saudi Arabia to be registered with the Bar Association in the Kingdom.
  2. The applicant must hold a license to practice law in Saudi Arabia.
  3. The lawyer must have practiced law in any other country for a period of five years.
  4. The applicant must not be in the Kingdom for more than 8 months in one year.
  5. Before taking the test that determines eligibility to practice law, it is important to be aware of the test fees and duration. It is also important to obtain a signed agreement from the applicant, employer, and the country of application.

We hereby conclude our article titled.

how to become a lawyer in saudi arabia the requirements 2023.

Throughout this piece, we hope that we have provided a thorough examination of the information pertaining to the requirements for obtaining a license to practice law and how to become a lowyer in saudi arabia. Furthermore, the specific conditions for Saudi and non-Saudi nationals of both genders were discussed.

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