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file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia

file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia

If you plan to file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia against individuals, employers or companies, take a look at this informative article provided by Al-Dossary’s jeddah law firm.

It elucidates the necessary steps involved in filing a lawsuit, highlights the Conditions of Filing a Commercial Lawsuit, and provides guidance on electronically submitting a complaint

A legal advice in Saudi Arabia on the System of Shari’a Proceedings is crucial to ensure the acceptance of the lawsuit by the appropriate court.

Steps to file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia electronically

File a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia.

Utilize the Unified Communication Center by dialing 1950. You can also reach out via email at, connect through Twitter using the handle @mojcare, or utilize the written communication portal known as (Najiz).

A lawsuit is a legal procedure initiated by the plaintiff before a judicial authority against another party, known as the defendant, who may be an individual or a legal entity. It serves as a legal mechanism for the plaintiff to assert their rights or seek compensation for damages inflicted by the opposing party.

To file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia, specific procedures must be followed as stipulated in Articles 41 and 42 of the Shariah Litigation System. These procedures include:

  • Prepare a signed lawsuit petition that includes the plaintiff’s complete personal information (name, occupation, ID number, residence, and workplace) and details of the plaintiff’s representative and the defendant.
  • Specify the competent court where the lawsuit will be filed.
  • Determine the date of submitting the lawsuit petition.
  • Clearly state the subject matter of the lawsuit and provide precise details.
  • Present the plaintiff’s requests and supporting evidence.
  • Submit the lawsuit petition to the court clerk, who will record the case in the dedicated registry and schedule a hearing date before the judge.
  • Within one day, the court clerk must deliver the lawsuit petition and its copies to the court administration.
  • Ensure the defendant is notified of the hearing date.
  • Attend the scheduled hearing where both parties present their arguments and evidence before the judge.

Steps to file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia electronically.

  1. Access the Saudi Ministry of Justice’s official website.
  2. Select the electronic services and select the option for filing a lawsuit petition.
  3. Choose the appropriate type of lawsuit to be filed.
  4. Specify the court type and proceed to the next step.
  5. Provide your personal information and confirm the request.
  6. Enter all relevant details about the defendant and proceed.
  7. Save and continue to complete the information form related to the case.
  8. Upload the required files and important documents
  9. Select the option to submit your request to the specialized court.
  10. Set and enter your designated password, then click save.

Conditions for filing a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia.

  • Lawsuits can be initiated by individuals who have been deprived of their rights by other individuals, companies, or institutions.
  • The plaintiff must have a valid and recognized right to bring the lawsuit before the court.
  • The appropriate court with jurisdiction must be determined based on the nature and location of the case.
  • The plaintiff must seek their lawful and legitimate rights, without demanding rights in exchange for engaging in illegal activities, such as usury or illicit trade.
  • The plaintiff must have suffered actual losses or damages.
  • Lawsuits cannot be based on expired rights due to the statute of limitations.
  • If circumstances change and invalidate the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s right is considered forfeited, leading to the cancellation of the lawsuit.
  • Only one lawsuit can be filed for the same subject matter, and once a final judgment has been issued, further lawsuits on the same matter are not permissible.
  • The claim must be based on a legitimate right. Claims for monetary amounts related to prohibited activities, such as the sale of illicit substances, are not allowed.

How do I complain to Nazaha.

  1.  Access the Nazaha reporting service by clicking on the provided link and proceed with the registration process on their official website.
  2. Create an account by entering your name and selecting a password.
  3. On the services page, choose the option labeled (Submit Reports) from the available menu.
  4. Complete the required fields with accurate and pertinent information regarding the entity or individual you wish to report for corruption, along with a concise summary of the incident.
  5. If applicable, attach any relevant documents or supporting evidence on the subsequent page.
  6. Finalize the submission of your complaint.

Additionally, you have the option to report directly through the toll-free number 980, or by sending an email to

How can I complain online in Saudi Arabia?

Access the Supreme Judicial Council’s platform and select the electronic complaint service. Comply with the terms and provide the necessary information for verification. Submit a detailed complaint along with any supporting documents and additional requests. Review the information for accuracy before finalizing the submission.

How can I contact MOJ?

Utilize the Unified Communication Center by dialing 1950. You can also reach out via email at, connect through Twitter using the handle @mojcare, or utilize the written communication portal known as (Najiz).

As a final to our article.

Learn how to file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia by 10 steps 2024.

knowing how to file a lawsuit in Saudi Arabia is a crucial step for residents and investors to secure their rights and seek compensation.

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